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IF THE GALLERY IS CLOSED when you arrive … I am probably working at my studio very close by.
It is no trouble at all for me to walk over and open the gallery on request
(on any day of the week during reasonable working hours).
So please don't hesitate to phone 07580 312 443
if you see anything that interests you or you just wish to look around.
If you are travelling to visit I suggest you call in advance on the off chance that I will not be available.



The Elizabeth Spiers Art Gallery features a constantly changing display of my figurative ceramic sculptures, many of which are based on figures from Greek, Roman and other mythologies. The current work reflects my interest in the blending of human and animal features in both iconic and everyday situations and poses. The one thing they all have in common is presence - each piece is intended to engage with the observer who can easily be drawn into the honesty and humour of the work. Frequent comments are that the figures make you smile and sometimes almost talk to you.

My sculpture is created in my home studio; each piece is individually sculpted by hand and completely unique; nothing is reproduced from moulds. The glazes have been developed to give a very simple, ancient 'just excavated' look which often contrasts with and emphasises the humour, and fits wonderfully with any style of decor.

For those sculptures requiring a display plinth, only reclaimed wood (mainly oak) is used.

If you would like a specially commissioned piece please drop in, email or call - I will be delighted to discuss your ideas.


My other passion is vintage fashion accessories, especially handbags. My handbag collection covers many decades, starting from the 1920s, and includes bags to complement both day and evening wear. Only a small part of my collection is on show or for sale at any one time. If you can't see what you want please let me know - I might have the very thing you require waiting to go on display!

If you prefer the latest designer bags I sometimes have brand new bags from the top brands at anything up to 70% off. However these are very special offers and sell fast. Phone for the latest stock.


The paintings on the walls are provided by my husband Patrick, and are also for sale.